Cloud Exchange Rates

If you want your staff to have small or large mailboxes, the elections is yours. In Iberwall we are flexible to suit your needs, you can have mailboxes as large as 25GB or put a limit as low as 2GB.

Iberwall specializes in providing Exchange in the cloud to businesses, so we offer high levels of service at very competitive prices. We also offer customized rates to suit your business. Companies do not use thier email in the same way, thas why Iberwall offers the best value.

The service costs depend on the service / option chosen:

Cloud Exchange 10 accounts
10 mailboxes with 2 GB storage each = Total storage 20GB
Cloud Exchange 20 accounts
20 mailboxes with 2 GB storage each = Total storage 40GB
Additional options
Additional user account
Additional Mailbox with 2GB of storage space
Integration with mobile devices
Synchronization capability (two-way) in real time mail, contacts and calendar with your mobile devices, tablets.
Additional storage
Each additional 1GB of storage up to 10 GB per user account
Permanent storage of all messages
Permanent storage of all messages sent and received (while you have contracted the service) in a high-security repository in Microsoft. After archived, messages can be retrieved using a high security interface based on Web. Can be made very flexible search queries to locate and retrieve messages sent and received but have been removed completely from your mailbox.

        (*) Monthly Prices - Taxes not included -

        (*) For contracts outside Europe see prices in U.S. dollars.

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